Architectural design

Outdoor spaces are catalytic both in psychology and in human life. In Bioclimatic Design they are an integral part, and a natural continuation of the interior space. By considering your needs, we provide the maximal functionality and ergonomics of the space.

Interior design

We decorate the interior of your residence, office, bar, restaurant and catering areas, and each professional and not only area, with a great attention to detail, based always on your own aesthetics and your personal style. We always add a special touch to the space layout creating unique items (custom) to match and highlight the space.

The decoration of the space is based on the detail. Many times we will design from the beginning our own constructions and furniture that fit uniquely in space, in order to avoid the same designs and to deal everyone individually without repeating the same patterns.

Landscape design

We shape, maintain and develop the outdoors you desire, according to your needs. Since the climate of Greece is temperate, it  imposes outdoor activities, cultivation of local fruit trees and many vegetables. When the space impose a contact with the nature, our intervention must be done with a great attention.


We undertake renovation, reconstruction and restoration of spaces. One of the tendencies nowadays, as it is aesthetically of great interest, is the re-use of old buildings. The experience I have gained as an active member of the Rescue of Monuments of Mani in the area of Mani gave me the appropriate scientific knowledge making me able for a final construction solution of a space.


We research and attend all evolutions in the field, in order to stay continuously informed about new building techniques, since changes in legislation but also new materials appeared in the market. In this way we are able to provide you with safety, design and functionality of your projects.


The projects are designed in 3D models and are configured after collaboration with the client. At each stage of development of the project, we process the plan to follow any changes and interventions up to the final product.

Study & Construction

The experience and technical knowledge disposed by us and our partners make us capable to deal with even the most demanding projects. With  intensive study and detailed design we create your project with a modern and timeless design, safety, ergonomics and functionality. All buildings are environment- friendly with the use of ecological materials lasting for a long time.