Five stone houses complex

A complex of five independent stone houses with five covered parking spaces in the ground floor. The complex consists of four (4) two-storey stone houses and the fifth is a three-storey house (ground floor, first and second floor). All have sea view of Stoupa and the historic Beaufort hill where in the past there was a Frankish castle town, the area around the hill is called Lefktra.

The existing bedrooms capacity has been estimated at three beds at each the two-storey house and 5 beds at the three-storey house.

However, with the proper reconfiguration of the interiors, they could reach a maximum capacity of 7 beds per two-storey stone houses and 9 beds for the three-storey house.

Basically, the complex has 17 beds and can reach 37 beds.

There is a possibility for construction of suimming pool and additional uncovered parking spaces in the surrounding area.

It is located at the entrance of the newer settlement of Lefktro, 5 minutes by car from the Stoupa center and near the south-western foothills of Taygetos mountain. Its construction was completed in 2005. It is a great investment opportunity!

Additional Info

Houses 612 m2, land plot 1157.47 m2
+30 m
€ 425,000