An old battle tower in Agios Dimitrios

Three-level tower with a total area of 138 m2, which dates back to 1700 A.D. In perfect condition!

It is located on the seafront in a picturesque bay in the village of Agios Dimitrios.

The tower has 2 bedrooms. One bedroom per floor, ground floor storeroom, a bathroom on the first floor and a living room on the second floor.

In the annex of the tower house is an old house which has a bedroom on the first floor, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a south-facing terrace with view of the mountain and an east-facing balcony. The ground floor functions auxiliary as a large storage space. There is the possibility of modification of uses of all house spaces.

The old house has a total surface of 157m2.

The total land area where two buildings are placed is 486,46 m2.

Built in the center of the village, at a distance of 6 minutes or 2.5 km from Agios Nikolaos with unique view of the Messinian Gulf, the building is suitable for rent rooms, for residential or commercial use.

Additional Info

Agios Dimitrios
Tower 138 m2, house 157 m2, land plot 486.46 m2
+ 10 m
€ 600,000