Old war tower

A stone-built tower of Mani surrounded by two stone buildings, it is located right next to the pebble beach of the coastal settlement of Gerolimenas. Designated as monument, it is a continuation of the historic seaside front. Its shell can be rehabilitated and reconfigured, as well as transformed into tourist apartments. 

The tower is held by a large stone arch in the basement where in the past a carpentry workshop was housed. The arch supports the whole building by providing it with strong foundations and excellent stability for further works.

It consists of a stone-built and uncovered warehouse of 17.55 sq.m., and a stone-built two-story uncovered building of 58.55 sq.m., just behind the tower.

The tower is 21.88 sq.m, with a basement arch ( cellar) of 29.88 sq.m. The total surface of the buildings in the current condition is:  127,86 sq.m..

Very close to the sea, just 1 minute walk. The tower belongs to the old historical families of Mani with the memories of the war years giving another atmosphere in the space and living quality.

Gerolimenas, one of the most beautiful traditional seaside villages of eastern Mani that in the past served as a base for Maniots pirates with bay beaches and imposing rocks, it is a place of rare beauty. Nowadays, it offers peacefulness and carelessness, exciting the visitor’s imagination while walking between the narrow streets of the settlement and the stone houses with historic towers.

These buildings are a great investment opportunity for establishment of a large holiday home or tourist unit.

Additional Info

the Residence 127.55 m2 , the Land plot 186.72 m2
+10 m
€ 250,000