The architectural office eco-archdesign was founded by Christina Kolokotroni in 2016 with seat in Kardamyli , a settlement in the region of West Mani.  Our goal is to provide complete, modern, reliable and always environment-friendly services .

In eco-archdesign we use our knowledge and technical know-how, we attend all technological and legislative changes, we are studying, organizing and planning each project individually. For this reason we are able to deliver complete, qualitative and safe projects, satisfying even the most demanding customer.

We constantly Improve the quality of our services always with respect to the environment.

Christina Kolokotroni

I studied Architectural Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens (2010 - 2016). At the same time I attended courses at Roma Tre University in Rome through the students exchange program. I continued my post-graduate studies in interior design and Landscape Architecture in the ΑΚΤΟ College (Bachelor Arts Honours Degree ΑΚΤΟ - Middlesex University, 2007 – 2010).

My graduation thesis was accomplished in the division of Urban and Spatial Planning of the National Technical University of Athens bearing the title "Mild tourism development in semi-mountain settlements in West Mani". It was the occasion to start an attempt to create a network of cultural routes with the aim of highlighting the monuments of Mani, by supporting its title of "Mani - open air museum", which has been rightly given to it.

The thesis defense was finalized in the Department of Building and Technology with the work "Acoustic approaches in the modern workplaces."  which concerned the acoustic forecasting of Visually Single Area with emphasis on Environment-friendly materials through the Research and the Innovation.

Today, I attend continuously the evolutions in the field. Technological or legislative, so that I can direct and advise correctly and finally, satisfy the needs of the client. I specialize in Architectural Design including and the three scales  - Urban Planning, Building and Construction Detail of the Design, always taking into consideration the climate and the environment of the area.